Youth can be a key driver of violence and development, and thus present an opportunity to create catalytic change in their communities. We develop programmes aimed at guiding youth toward their best possible outcomes personally, with the knowledge that this has the power to change the trajectory of their communities as a whole.

Example Project: One Community

The ONE Community program is replicable and customizable across communities based on local infrastructure, social patterns and other relevant contextual factors. The core model is responsive to clearly identifiable needs in poor, violence prone communities facing a systemic lack of coherent programming for their youth during high-risk time periods such as Friday and Saturday nights. ONE Community takes its core model from the findings delivered by the Nyanga Yethu pilot programme, which provided a baseline for the type of popular programming that can be produced by utilizing The Safety Lab’s intellectual and social capital to provide a viable alternative to current evening and weekend activities that expose youth to violence and often serve as an entry point into a harmful lifestyle.




April 2013

The Lab was asked to join a multi agency program in Nyanga, South Africa’s ‘murder capital’. We conducted a high level diagnostic of local pathways to violence combined with ethnographic video chronicles to help build an understanding of the complexities of local violence. Through this process we identified a clear need for credible and consistent programming for youth over weekends and evenings. This was the nucleus of the program now branded One Community.

One Community Pilot

October 2014

Following the Nyanga Diagnostic and based on the inquirty's findings the One Community Pilot was implement. Then known as Nyanga Yethu it was setup to provide consistent pro-social programming for youth in the area in a safe space. The Safety Lab's involement in the pilot ended in September 2015 when the project was handed over to the Department of Community Safety. The experiance of creating and hosting the pilot was used to inform the One Community model.

One Community Blueprint

December 2014

Blueprint presentented to the City of Cape Town summarising the development, implementation, evolution and effective deployment of One Community projects based on experiance from the Nyanga Yethu pilot. Thereby allowing for the implementation of similar at-risk youth diversion projects in high violence urban areas.

Gugulethu inception

June 2016

Prelimiary process to launch the first fully formed One Community project at the request of the City of Cape Town. Established links with key partners, investigated possible locations, and initated the process of area and context familarisation.

One Community Gugulethu

October 2016

First established One Community project implemented in Gugulethu to provide pro-social youth diversion recreational activities.