Past Projects

Past projects of the Safety Lab done between 2012-2015


Past portfolio


Download a snapshot of our past main active projects, as well as other areas of involvement and potential projects coming down our pipeline from August 2014.


Public safety empowerment


CCTV activation

CCTV cameras are spread across Cape Town and play a vital role in keeping the city safe. We asked how this could be recycled for public benefit?

Until recently, this footage has not been available for public viewing as it provides powerful insights into the modus operandi of criminals. In collaboration with the City of Cape Town’s Metropolitan Police Department, The Safety Lab, Mamba Media and Y&R South Africa have explored ways to recycle CCTV footage for public benefit.

The Be City Smart website is the latest CCTV activation and represents an important project milestone. The site offers an engaging online repository of creatively repurposed CCTV footage, together with essential safety information related to street crimes. Be City Smart empowers individuals to be more savvy about their own safety, and makes it easy for them to alert friends and family to street crime types via social media.


We first went digital with the be #longstreetsmart initiative whereby edited CCTV footage of actual crimes were projected onto mobile billboards in the vicinity where they occurred. This was the precursor to be city smart. The #longstreetsmart initiative was recently awarded first place in the outdoor category by international website

Our first CCTV activation entailed developing a comic book called CCTVision highlighting six crime types in the CBD as well as protective actions to guard against these. 50 000 copies were distributed during Cape Town’s busy summer holiday season in 2012 half of which distributed by Metro Police officers.


Social giving



Social media has been applied primarily to help fund organizations and projects, rather than the transformational needs of individuals – until now. We conceptualized, developed and are launching an innovative digital platform enabling one-to-one giving via accredited NPOs.

This initially arose from the recognition that the message of ‘giving responsibly’ was well communicated and entrenched within Cape Town culture, but without a corresponding mechanism to do so. Since that initial insight the platform ambitions have grown significantly, to being a blueprint for a transparent ‘exchange’ drawing on applied technology, social media and behavioural economics.

The project is in collaboration with Y&R (Cape Town) from the outset. We established a three-way partnership together with Community Chest, providing deep capacity and relationships with a range of registered NPOs as funding beneficiaries. The project was handed over to Community Chest in 2015.

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