Violence is frequently related to, and stems from, inequality and joblessness. We work with communities suffering from historic systemic disadvantage toward sustainable solutions tailored to their environment. 

Example Project: Rise (concept)

Rise is a multifunctional social space in which gang members and at-risk youth can come to transition away from violence and danger. The RISE cafe will have multiple services: tattoo parlor, cafe, roastery, business training center, art gallery, and restaurant. Each of these characteristics will have an added social component, ensuring positive community impact of, by, and for the community. 

Tattoo: training gang and non-gang members in safe and clean tattoo practices, offering free tattoo rehabilitation for those leaving gang life, and a tattoo business for the community seeking body art. 

Cafe: inverting the traditional cafe-cum-gentrification tropes, this cafe will be uniquely and specially designed to offer development and quality coffee and space to the community that currently exists
Roastery: RISE will roast coffee and sell it locally as a business effort to uplift the community directly. youth working for the cafe will know how to roast coffee as well as be trained in barista work for the ever expanding Cape Town coffee community.

Business Training: This space will be used as an open space to cultivate and develop new entrepreneurs through trainings, seminars, collective spaces, and guided mentoring. 

Gallery: Art will be generated as a function of the space, but so will the space be used to display local artists and generate additional income and destination based economic development for the community.

Restaurant: This will be the final part of the development, but prepared food with the distinctive tastes of the community, driving up the value as a destination, while also providing quality prepared food for a community largely served by fast food restaurants and take-aways.