Social innovation in a violent world 

The Safety Lab specialises in the inquiry, innovation and implementation of projects to mitigate the impact of violent crime in high risk communities.

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The Safety Lab sees gang members as a necessary part of the solution to violence. Through mediation and other international development tools we work both with gangs, and against gangsterism to reduce violence.



We know that violence is frequently related to, and stems from, inequality and joblessness. We work with communities with economic disadvantages toward solutions tailored to their environment and situation to generate sustainable solutions.



We develop programs aimed at steering youth toward the best possible outcomes for themselves. We see youth as an important driver of violence and development. Youth provide a key component to catalytic change in communities.



The Safety Lab views any violence against someone because of their gender, on any part of the spectrum, to be gender-based violence. As an outlier, experiencing disproportionate levels of GBV, South Africa requires unique intervention approaches.



Our Principles



We refuse the soft bigotry of lowered expectations for services to low-income communities. All our programs, projects, and products are created to be locally and globally competitive.


All things must be ‘different from the norm’ or new. if someone or another agency in the space can deliver the project, they should. We take well developed ideas and apply them to new circumstances to create opportunities and safety.


Neither research, nor action is good enough; both must be applied in a 3 dimensional sense to all projects - research is no good without action, and action must be researched, measured, analyzed, deconstructed, and rehabilitated.



The Safety Lab creates new and innovative solutions to violence using new and complex research, technology, programming, and practices. Through the leverage of resources and design, we seek a safer life for those living with high levels of violence and crime.

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